Mod Pieces Pillows On The Jennie Garth Project


Back in September, Tim & I were just sitting around, looking through our PVR for something good to watch on TV. I noticed that The Jennie Garth Project has recorded & Tim tells me that he saw a promo for it & thought I'd enjoy it, so he'd set up a series recording. He was right, totally my kind of show!

So, we start watching the first episode and just as she's revealing her new living room, I spot a pair of our Brush Strokes Pillows sitting on her couch! I jump up, pause the TV to inspect further & then boil over with excitement when I realize that yes, in fact, those are Mod Pieces pillows on Jennie Garth's sofa!

I assume she picked them up from one of our L.A. retailers, possibly HD Buttercup, but regardless, the fact is that Jennie Garth loved my work enough to buy it!

Check out the video above to watch the entire living room reveal + browse through other episodes of The Jennie Garth Project over on HGTV.

Thanks for the love, Jennie!



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