Decorating Truth No. 5: You Won't Regret Buying Something You Love. You'll Regret Not Buying It.


Bradford Shellhammer, the Founder and CEO of Bezar, is a perfect example of someone who has created a space that reflects his unique personality. Nailed it! (Photographed by Winnie Au, Images via Refinery29)

This week, we're addressing 5 Decorating Truths to Help You Create a Home That Screams "YOU", all in an effort to build your confidence in creating a home that reflects your individuality, and killer sense of style.


Today, we’re expanding on Truth No. 5...

You won’t regret buying something you love, you’ll regret not buying it.


We’ve all been there. We still think about it. We still regret the one that got away.

What was it for you?

  • Was it that perfect piece of art that you couldn't take your eyes off of?
  • Was it that vintage chair that whispered to you from across the store?
  • Was it that totally “out there” fabric that would have made the perfect lamp shade, or throw pillows.

When we fall in love with material possessions, it’s not because we’re being shallow. It’s because something about that item is reflecting something we value within ourselves.

  • That piece of art... You imagine it hanging on your wall and feel excited to show it off at your next dinner party.
  • That vintage chair… You imagine it sitting in your living room, and feel proud to own a little piece of history that also happens to be ever so cool, and effortlessly stylish.
  • That offbeat fabric… You imagine it replacing your boring lamp shade, or accenting your sofa, and you feel empowered that you were brave enough to take a risk and make a fearless decorating decision.

Never again mourn “the one that got away” by paying close attention to what it is that you love so much about that item, and taking a moment to imagine how it will make you feel about yourself if you choose to bring it home.

This will separate the significant purchases from the frivolous ones, and help you to always be surrounding yourself with stylish items of substance that reflect the real you!



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