Decorating Truth No. 1: Rule One - There Are No Rules!


Bradford Shellhammer, the Founder and CEO of Bezar, is a perfect example of someone who has created a space that reflects his unique personality. Nailed it! (Photographed by Winnie Au, Image via Refinery29)

This week we’re addressing 5 Decorating Truths to Help You Create a Home that Screams "YOU", all in an effort to build your confidence in creating a home that reflects your individuality, and killer sense of style. 


Today, we’re expanding on Truth No. 1...

Rule one - There are no rules. If you love it, the rest doesn’t matter.


Here’s a secret... No one else has to love it but you. So, who cares if what you love breaks a decorating rule? Who are you really hurting? The only person you’d be doing a disservice to by denying yourself something you love is you.

Here's how I'm breaking the "rules" in my own home...

  • Embracing an offbeat colour scheme. My living room colours are yellow (vintage harvest gold to be exact), and red. One might think that this combo would look a little too "McDonalds", but it works!
  • Living without window treatments. I could have covered our beautiful arched living room windows with drapes, or roman blinds, but I didn't want to take away from the architectural interest and gorgeous light they provide. Privacy be damned!
  • The etagere in my dining room is styled with nick-knacks I've collected over the years. Some of my friends thing a few of them are "creepy", but I don't care! It's my house, and if I want a mannequin head in my dining room, so be it!
  • Opting for a low dining table. Sure, our dining table might feel a bit odd at first because it's not a standard height, but I loved the mid-century style of it, so I found myself some low sitting chairs to pair it with. Problem solved!
  • Living with builders beige walls. This is a big no-no in the design world, but again, I don't care. They offer me a blank canvas to showcase all of my artwork and accessories. Painting doesn't need to be the go-to choice for adding interest to a room.

Grant yourself permission to experiment, to do what feels right to you, and to break the rules. I promise you'll feel empowered, brave, and effortlessly stylish while doing so!



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