Decorating Truth No. 3: When You Let Your Gut Decide, You'll Rarely Make The Wrong Choice.


Bradford Shellhammer, the Founder and CEO of Bezar, is a perfect example of someone who has created a space that reflects his unique personality. Nailed it! (Photographed by Winnie Au, Image via Refinery29)

This week we’re addressing 5 Decorating Truths to Help You Create a Home that Screams "YOU", all in an effort to build your confidence in creating a home that reflects your individuality, and killer sense of style.


Today, we’re expanding on Truth No. 3...

In decorating, as in life, when you let your gut decide, you’ll rarely make the wrong choice.


We make decisions every day. We make them with our heads, our hearts, and our guts. Our heads and hearts can sometimes lead us astray, but has your gut ever let you down?

They say that hindsight is 20/20, and they’re right. When I think back to all of my past failures, disappointments, and blunders, I can attribute almost all of them to not listening to my gut. 

Like the time (way back) when I released a specific collection that I knew didn't align with the Mod Pieces brand and it fell totally flat. Or the time I painted the kitchen in my first apartment safety cone orange and felt like I was living inside a pylon. I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t listening to my gut in either situation.

This simple practice of listening to your gut can apply to the big stuff, the small stuff, and everything in between.

In the grand scheme of life, how you decorate your home may seem frivolous. But when you consider how important the home is, it may be worth more thought.

Your home is a healing space.

  • It’s where you rest your head, and recharge your mental batteries.
  • It’s where you can be 100% you, 100% of the time.
  • It’s where you come to make memories, and to feel safe, comfortable, and protected.

When we think about our homes in these terms, it doesn’t seem so silly to want to fill it with stylish items of substance that reflect our unique values, tastes, and preferences.

So, how do you make sure that you’re surrounding yourself with pieces that are truly YOU?

You listen to your gut.

The next time you’re deciding if an item is worth bringing into your sacred space, listen to your gut.

  • When you picture where you’ll put it, does it feel “right”?
  • When you imagine how you’ll feel when you look at it, or use it each day, do you catch yourself smiling?
  • When you look at it, does it scream YOU?

If so, your gut has spoken!



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