Decorating Truth No. 2: There Are No Mistakes


Bradford Shellhammer, the Founder and CEO of Bezar, is a perfect example of someone who has created a space that reflects his unique personality. Nailed it! (Photographed by Winnie Au, Image via Refinery29)

This week we’re addressing 5 Decorating Truths to Help You Create a Home that Screams "YOU", all in an effort to build your confidence in creating a home that reflects your individuality, and killer sense of style. 


Today, we’re expanding on Truth No. 2...

There are no mistakes. When you choose to surround yourself with pieces that speak to your true tastes, it’s impossible to “mess up”.


You know when it is possible to mess up? When you’re attempting to follow the rules. We elaborated on this idea earlier in this series.

When you decorate as an expression of yourself, rather than attempting to follow the rules, you can’t go wrong.

Yes, design has certain principals, or rules if you will. But for every rule, there’s an exception, and since decorating comes from a place of such deep personal expression, you have the freedom to be the exception to all of the rules that don’t feel right to you.

Give yourself permission to, “mess up” and reap the rewards of having way more fun in your decorating!

Believe me, it’s how the best, most interesting spaces are made. Give it a try and see for yourself. Need reassurance?

How about this…

So, trust in yourself, trust in your tastes, and your space will be an authentic expression of all that makes you, YOU.



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