How To Design A Dramatic Room Around One Inspiration Piece

So what does "inspired decorating" mean anyway, and why should you care?

Inspired decorating is a framework for designing an entire space around one inspiration piece that you're head over heals for. Using this framework as a guide allows you to buy furnishings with confidence and edit out all the options that won't work.

You no longer need to feel overwhelmed by all the available choices of home decor + furnishings out there. Using this method allows you to create a personalized space that reflects your individuality without any unnecessary stress.

Ready to learn how it's done?



Step No. 1

Select Your Inspiration Item + Colour Scheme



You'll notice how our colour scheme is pulled directly from our inspiration piece, a painting by Sarah Kelk.

There is no guesswork because the artist has done all the work for you. They've chosen colours that work well together. All you have to do is trust your instincts. You fell in love with the item, so let that love help you create the perfect room.



Step No. 2

Let Your Colour Scheme Drive Your Furnishings + Decor Choices



Tip No. 1

When decorating with a similar shade of any colour, like navy, keep it interesting by creating a good mix of patterned + solid accents. Here, I've mixed stripes + florals + geometries + solids. This ensures that the eye doesn't get bored of any one colour.

Tip No. 2

You don't have to be too literal. These shades of soft pink aren't actually in our inspiration piece, but they work because they're a variation of a colour that is. Without this pale pink accent, the colour combo would be overly dramatic. Use your discretion to decide when to break the rules a little. This colour will keep the room feeling light + fresh, rather than heavy.

Tip No. 3

Almost every room needs two things, a touch of white + some fresh greenery. White adds a crispness to your space and goes with just about everything. Greenery literally breathes life into your space. If you're like me and have had the pleasure of dealing with mischievous pets, having greenery is easier said than done. That's why I love these two options. Terrariums with glass enclosures keep curious paws away from your plant life + hanging planters keep your botanical accents out of reach all together!

Tip No. 4

Because our inspiration piece contains multiple shades of coral, you can feel free to use multiple shades in your accessories, like this striped bench or two-toned carafe set. Again, this is your opportunity to take creative liberties while operating within an infallible framework.



Step No. 3

Add Major Personality With Quirky Furnishings + Vintage Lighting


Tip No. 5

Navy is a traditionally masculine hue. Choosing pieces with feminine lines, like this sofa + pair of arm chairs, will create balance in the room.

Tip No. 6

If you know anything about me and my design philosophy, you know that I get most excited about (and believe the coolest rooms ever come together at) the intersection where modern meets vintage. If your room was all vintage, it would feel like a time warp. If it was all modern, it could feel unliveable. The magic happens when you strike that balance. This sofa + pillow combo is that magic, my friends!

Tip No. 7

Here we have four bad-ass pale pink chairs that you need in your life right now. Not only do they complement our colour story, but they're just plain awesome. If you love a particular colour, embrace it, don't fight it. Any of these gorgeous pieces would add mega personality to your space. I mean, how many of your friends have sexy pink chairs?

Tip No. 8

You need vintage lamps in your life. There, I said it. I'll also say this... If your goal is to create an exceptional space that reflects you and your personality, the last thing you need is another generic piece from another generic store. Add massive personality to your space by working with me on a custom lamp. We'll create something that's 100% unique (like, no one else has ever, or will ever, own anything quite like it).



Step No. 4

Consider the Space as a Whole



Tip No. 9

Above all else, you want your space to feel cohesive, not disjointed. Choosing a colour scheme and sticking to it is a surefire way to achieve this. The room pictured above has done just this. The homeowner has embraced white walls, navy accessories, medium wood tones and struck that perfect balance of vintage + modern pieces. Plus, they've included that oh-so important greenery that we discussed earlier!

Tip No. 10

Unless you live in the pages of a magazine, chances are that every room in your house is going to require storage. In the room above, the built-in window seat could easily house all of your unsightly items. This would allow you to use cute baskets to corral prettier things that still require storage, like extra pillows, throws, magazines, books, etc. And, since I'm so obsessed with baskets lately.



Step No. 5

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Apply these five steps to every room of your home and you really can't go wrong. When you start with something you love, something that you know you'll love for years to come, it can take all the stress out of decorating.

Let that inspiration piece guide you. Let it inform your decisions about what colours, styles, and furnishings should be edited out. And, let it help you choose the pieces that really will work.

pssst... There's no need to continue the same colour story throughout your entire home. If you have an open concept main floor, then yes, the scheme should be consistent. But, if you want to embrace navy + coral on your main floor and then go wild with purple + yellow in your bedroom, go for it! 



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