How To Design A Polished, Yet Playful, Grown Up Space

So what does "inspired decorating" mean anyway, and why should you care?

Inspired decorating is a framework for designing an entire space around one inspiration piece that you're head over heals for. Using this framework as a guide allows you to buy furnishings with confidence and edit out all the options that won't work.

You no longer need to feel overwhelmed by all the available choices of home decor + furnishings out there. Using this method allows you to create a personalized space that reflects your individuality without any unnecessary stress.

Ready to learn how it's done?


Step No. 1

Select Your Inspiration Item + Colour Scheme


This is the most important step. Your inspiration item has to be multi-coloured and it has to be something you truly love. Something that stopped you in your tracks and "had you at hello". 

Art, textiles, and rugs are all great pieces to start when trying to identify your inspiration item. In this post, we'll be using this gorgeous painting, by Kerry Steele.

Our colour story is pulled directly from our inspiration piece. We're pulling out neutral black, grey + nude tones along with rich, bright, berry hues. Sometimes when these shades of pink, blue + purple are used in decorating, they can feel a bit juvenile. But, I'll be showing you how to use them to create a grown up space. Again, we're letting our inspiration piece guide our choices. This painting is fun, yet polished, so that's the look we'll aim to achieve.



Step No. 2

Let Your Colour Scheme Drive Your Furnishings + Decor Choices



Tip No. 1

This combination of black, white + nude is timeless. There are lots of ways to introduce that "nude" hue into your space. Think light wood tones, natural baskets, unbleached linen textiles, leather, etc. Up the ante by choosing pieces with patterns, like these geometrics + paint splatters, and you've got a winning combo.

Tip No. 2

Bright blue is a strong + powerful colour, so you really have to love it if you're going to embrace it in your home. I would rarely recommend painting an entire room this colour (or any bright colour for that matter), but introducing it into your space with furnishings + accessories will add a punchy + playful quality to your room.

Tip No. 3

Add a pop of rich, juicy colour to your space with this unique berry shade that perfectly blends pink with purple to create a hue that exudes elegance. Plus this colour really pops when paired with the other accent colours of black, blue + pink in our colour story.

Tip No. 4

Every room needs a little touch of black and that doesn't mean it has to be scary or depressing. Black adds contrast, sophistication + an adult feel. If decorating with black seems at all intimidating to you, remember that you don't need to embrace it in a big way. Start with small accents, like these, and you'll notice the immediate positive impact it has on your room.



Step No. 3

Add Major Personality With Quirky Furnishings + Vintage Lighting



Tip No. 5

Don't be afraid to mix rustic vintage + super modern vintage-inspired pieces in the same room. This is where the magic happens. It's interesting, offbeat, fun + fresh feeling. Just keep your colour scheme consistent and you've got it made! Notice the striped theme I've got going here that contributes to all of these pieces playing well together?

Tip No. 6

This handmade Moroccan kilim rug could not be a more perfect fit with the colour story we're exploring. It's got that bright blue base, accents of our pink + purple berry tones, and small hits of black. Can you say "rugasm"! Plus, these fun woven patterns will add a "modern boho twist" to your space!

Tip No. 7

Talk about the perfect pair of vintage lamps to complement our colour story! These babies are large + in charge and the striped glaze work in tones of violet, marsala + indigo will definitely punch up the fun factor of your room. This is how you express your personality in your decorating, my friends! This one-of-a-kind pair is currently for sale in our online store and they are available with or without custom handmade lamp shades.

Tip No. 8

This sofa + pillow combo is a match made in decorating heaven! The sleek, linear lines of this jet black sofa are balanced by the soft, organic lines of the printed pillows in a juicy shade of bright berry. This is how you create a space that feels grown up + sophisticated without feeling too stuffy or serious.



Step No. 4

Pull The Whole Look Together



Tip No. 9

This room, designed by Amber Interiors, is the perfect example of a space that has embraced juicy berry hues in a way that feels inviting, grown up, liveable, dynamic + offbeat. You'll notice how the walls and furnishings are very simple and understated. This allows the punchy rug, accessories, and art to really shine. Combine that with a whole heap of natural light and you've got a home run!

Tip No. 10

Don't forget to include your accent colours in the artwork you select. Personally, I just can't get enough of Peggy Wolf. Not only am I a sucker for figurative female works, but the style in which Peggy paints, and the juicy colours she chooses just has me entranced. This piece could not fit in better with the room we're designing or the colour story we're exploring this week.



Step No. 5

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Apply this framework to every room of your house and you'll be successful in creating a unique + personal space that WORKS. 

You'll feel confident when choosing furnishings for your room because you'll be relying on your inspiration piece to be your guide. Say goodbye to overwhelm and anxiety over "messing up" and give this concept a try!



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