How To Decorate With Navy Blue

Design Tip:

Navy is one of those colours that plays well with every other shade of blue. This means you don't have to choose pieces the are bang on to create a cohesive look. 

In fact, make it easier on yourself by purposely choosing a few items that feature a range of blues, like these nesting tables + candle. They will lay the groundwork and allow you to introduce varying shades of blue, from azure to navy, without you having to worry about finding the perfect shade.

Because blue is a cool colour, you'll want to accent it with a warm colour to create balance. I'm using coral, but red or orange would also be good candidates.


Shop the Look:

Nesting Tables from ABC Carpet & Home

Whiskey Tumblers from A+R Store

Reef Print Pillow Cover from Mod Pieces

Candle from HD Buttercup

Vase from Design Public

Chair from ABC Carpet & Home



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