How To Hang A Gallery Wall - Without Murdering Your Partner

There's only about a bazillion articles online claiming to teach you the "right" way to hang a gallery wall. But, who's got time to wade through all that? Not to worry, I've taken the liberty of rounding up the top five articles on the subject. 

Peruse each by clicking on the images in the carousel below, or simply read on to learn the basics. Only five steps stand between you and finally checking this project off your list.

Don't worry, I've condensed things to make the process as painless as possible!



Step No.1

Gather Your Ready-To-Hang Collection

If you haven't even begun this phase, then this will be the toughest part. When you're staring at a blank wall and have no idea where to begin, it can feel incredibly daunting. Your mind starts racing. You've got a million questions.

Do I need one large piece, a small series, or several pieces of various shapes and sizes? Should there be a consistent theme when it comes to the medium, colour, or subject matter? Where are the best places to purchase art and an have it custom framed? Should each piece be framed similarly or differently? Which pieces require a mat? 

As these thoughts bounce around inside your head, your eyes begin to glaze over. Deciding that it's too overwhelming a task, you conclude that this is a job for another day. After all, you don't want to rush things. You want it to be amazing, right?

Take a deep breath, because we can help eliminate this step for you entirely. Curating and designing a custom gallery wall that's worthy of a double-take, and that actually reflects YOUR style, taste, and preferences would be our pleasure.


Step No. 2

Pour Yourself a Cocktail + Lay Your Arrangement Out On The Floor

If Mod Pieces curated and designed your gallery wall, go ahead and pull out your handy-dandy mockup, along with the installation instructions we provided, because this piece of the puzzle has already been handled! Go ahead and jump right on down to the next step.

If not, it's time to find some floor space and start playing with the arrangement. Begin with your anchor piece - it's usually the largest in your collection. This will be your starting point, and you'll continue building out from there, until you're happy with the composition.

Tip: Keep in mind where you're installing this art. Is it over a piece of furniture, or on a wall all it's own? This will be the deciding factor in how you lay out your arrangement. Will your gallery wall be hung vertically, horizontally, radiate out from a central point, follow a grid formation, or no formation at all?


Step No. 3

Time To Trace + Tape

Grab a roll of kraft paper, and trace the outside of each piece with pencil, being careful not to mark up your pretty new frames. Cut out each silhouette and attach each template to the wall, using painters tape, and a level.

Next, locate the hardware each piece will hang from, and make a mark on each template where your nail will need to be placed. Measure twice, hammer once. There's nothing worse than half-assing this step. Seriously, my man and I nearly called it quits over this once.

Tip: If you plan to hang your gallery wall over a piece of furniture, begin taping the lowest templates to the wall first, and work your way up. Be sure to leave 6"-8" between the top of your furniture and the bottom of the lowest frame. Also, don't forget to measure the overall width of your arrangement in order to centre the composition width-wise on the wall.


Step No. 4

Pull Out Your Tools, Cause It's Hammer Time!

You're singing the song in your head right now aren't you? Oh, what's that? You're dancing as well? It's cool, I am too.

It's time to start hammering your nails into the wall, using the marks you made on the paper templates as your guide. Nail right through the paper and tear it away as you go, replacing each place-holder with the real deal.

Tip: There's no need to rush. Just pick the most logical starting point and take it one piece at a time. This will allow you to notice and correct any issues that may arise as you go.  


Step No. 5

Exhale + Admire Your Handiwork

After you've straightened every frame, all that's left to do is revel in your accomplishment. Go ahead and admire your sexy new wall. Guess what? You just checked another decorating project off your list. No more empty walls for you!

Sit down, chillax, and finish your cocktail. You've earned it.

Pretty satisfying, right?



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