An Ode To Iris Apfel

At 94 years young, style icon Iris Apfel is nothing short of fabulous. Well known for her wild wardrobe, and influence on the fashion world, did you know that she also worked in interior design and founded textile firm, Old World Weavers, and ran it alongside her husband until their retirement in the early '90's? If you dig her standout style, you simply must watch Iris, a documentary released in 2015 about her remarkable life.

Couldn't we all stand to be a little more like Iris - vibrant, unapologetic, and comfortable with expressing our unique style with total confidence? I certainly aspire to that.

Interiors have always taken cues from the fashion world, and vice versa, but Iris Apfel's outlook on style, life, and human expression are particularly suited to folks like us, who dig offbeat decor and have an aversion to average.


5 Iris Fashion Quotes That Translate To Interiors


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You don't want a home filled with stuffy rooms, like that one at your grandmother's house that no one was ever allowed to sit in. You know the one - with plastic on the sofa.

You want a home that looks effortlessly stylish, but that's also inviting, lived-in, and reflective of your lifestyle.

JUST SAY NO to fussy, prim + proper interiors that repel guests!


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You know how great you feel when you're wearing a brand-new outfit that's slightly outside your comfort zone? Imagine feeling that way every time you walk in your front door!

Let's take Iris' advice and add a little attitude to our interiors. After all, your home is the one place that's yours. If you can't express yourself there, then where on earth can you?


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Amen! This is why I embrace offbeat style - and you should too.

When you don't DECORATE like everyone else, you don't have to think like everyone else!

Let's ponder this for a moment... You're not like everyone else. So why should your home look like anyone else's? You've got a big personality, a unique way of thinking, and - whether you've realized it yet, or not - you've got a standout style living inside you, just waiting to be let out to play.


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I think Iris is referring to the monotony of daily life. When we get stuck in routines and responsibilities, life tends to lose its shine. To counter act this, why not break through the bland by finding ways to have more fun - any way you can.

Wear whatever lights you up and decorate fearlessly - forgetting about what others will think.

My guy has a way of making everything fun, even the most dreaded of tasks, like changing the duvet cover. If you've ever done this, you know how much it sucks. But guess what makes it 1000x more fun? When your partner treats it like the parachute game you used to play in elementary school. Yeah. Now laundry day isn't such a downer.  


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Hallelujah, sister! There's no better way to add a jolt of energy to a room than by embracing colour. And no, I'm not talking about painting your walls a bright hue. There are a bazillion better ways to introduce colour into your space.

Is your room feeling a little lifeless? Shock it back to life with some bold textiles, a striking custom lamp, or look-at-me artwork.



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