The Ultimate Guide To Styling Your Space With Books

Before we get into the "how's", let's discuss the "why's", shall we? 

So, why not just store all your books on a boring old bookshelf, hidden away, like everyone else? Well, for starters, you're not like everyone else. But also because your books reveal a lot about you, your interests, and your personality. This makes them the perfect accessory for those who believe that their home should reflect their individuality in a BIG way.

Books reveal secrets about our unique passions. For instance, if someone visited my home for the first time today, they could deduce - from spending five minutes in my living room - that I'm into animals, design, art, Marilyn Monroe, the entire mid-century era, and classic tales of romance. And that's just from my books!

What are you into? What could you share about yourself through your decorating without having to say a single word?


6 Ways To Style Your Space With Books

Treat Them As Art

Books are beautiful, so why not honour them like you would a painting or a photograph? Let them play with and enhance your gallery wall or function as a piece of furniture.

Image via Svenskt Tenn

Encourage Casual Flipping

Leave one or two open to your favourite page in order to encourage your guests to pick them up, flip through the pages, and actually, you know, read them - or at least admire the pictures.

Image via Elle Decor

Judge A Book By It's Cover

Intentionally select books with splashy covers that add mini hits of pattern + colour to your space. Bonus points if they co-ordinate with your colour scheme!

Image via My Domaine

Group By Colour

Add powerful pops of colour throughout your space by grouping like with like. It's such a low-commitment way to introduce a juicy punch of an intimidating colour, such as orange. 

Image via My Domaine

Create Unexpected Vignettes

No one expects to find a mini library displayed on gleaming gold shelves in your foyer. So, why not look for opportunities to sneak them into your space where they're least expected?

Image via My Domaine

Use Them As Building Blocks

Stack them at varying heights and allow them to form the foundation for which to display unusual trinkets, treats, or treasures. But don't forget to have plenty of coasters on hand!


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