9 Ways To Add Colour To Your Space Without Paint

It drives me absolutely bonkers when someone turns their attention to decorating and jumps right to paint as the best way to add colour to their space. In my opinion, it's the WORST way to add colour to your space. 

If you don't sample your colour on the wall first, and go ahead and paint the whole room, chances are good that you won't be happy with the outcome. And if by some miracle you are, it's probable that you'll tire of it quickly.

Instead, why not make things easier on yourself and opt for neutral walls. This way, you can introduce colour throughout your space in the 9 ways listed below without making a huge commitment, undertaking a messy project, or risking disappointment with the end result?


No one could argue that this room needs more colour than this statement piece provides. Plus, you get a healthy dose of pattern to boot!

Flowers + Greenery

Talk about low commitment! How lovely to be able to switch up your colour scheme every week with a bouquet of fresh flowers?

Pillows + Throws

This one is obvious, but impactful. You can mix solids + patterns, in as many or as few hues as you like, to create the perfect mix.


Image via Hus & Hem


This is a larger commitment, but if you fall head over heals for a fabric, embrace it by pairing it with a vintage chair to make a big statement.

Image via Homedit

Drapery Panels

A boldly printed + coloured drapery panel can take a room from snooze-fest to striking overnight. Talk about drama!

Image via My Domaine


Pair a brightly hued vintage base with a neutral lampshade, or a shapely neutral base with a punchy shade for instant excitement.


Image by Nicole Cohen via My Domaine


Ok, this one is a big commitment, but so much more exciting than paint! I'm not always a huge fan of wallpaper in living spaces, but bathrooms are the perfect jewel of a small space for a healthy hit of dramatic colour + pattern.

Image by Daniel Mahon via Olsen Irwin


These chairs add mega personality to this otherwise white space and this particular style adds an artistic + sculptural element to the room as well. Embrace this look by opting for a colourful chair, credenza, or accent piece.

Image via Emily Enderson


The beauty of a gallery wall that doesn't conform to a specific colour scheme, but instead embraces a wide range of hues, is that you can switch out pieces seasonally to keep your space feeling fresh.



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