6 Signs You Might Be A Mid-Century Modernist

You're drawn to clean lines.

Whether long + linear, or sharp + angular, if it doesn't have clean lines, it's not for you.

Image from Loloi Rugs

You crave iconic chairs.

You're slightly chair obsessed. Iconic seating in every room is a must.

You like your sofas long + low.

Low seating + high ceilings is your design dream come true, short of a recessed conversation pit.


Image from Emily Henderson

You love to accent with royal blue + gleaming gold.

The warmth of gold accents + cool, blue hues is your go-to palette.

Image from Collectively via Rue Magazine

You're obsessed with teak case goods.

This warm, medium-tone wood is your first choice for end tables, hutches, and credenzas.

You have a vintage lamp in every room.

And so you should! Whether sleek or groovy, mid-century lighting gets your blood pumping.


Still not sure if you're a mid-century modernist? Take our fun, visual quiz to find out!



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