6 Signs You Might Be A Minimal Modernist

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You're a neat freak.

A place for everything and everything in its place is your motto. You have no problem purging and take pride in your organized home.

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You hate exposed hardware.

You prefer to skip cabinet handles + pulls, opting instead for hidden hardware and sleek cutouts whenever possible.

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You prefer closed storage.

Open storage has the potential to become cluttered + messy. You prefer stashing your belongings away behind drawers + doors.


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Form + function are imperative.

You don't own anything that isn't both stylish and functional. Items that fail the form + function test don't have a place in your home. 

Your shelves are sparse.

In instances when open storage or display areas can't be avoided, you embrace a "less is more" styling approach.

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You thrive on necessities alone.

You view anything above + beyond the bare essentials as needless visual noise. Eliminating these items from your space keeps you calm.


Still not sure if you're a minimal modernist? Take our fun, visual quiz to find out!



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