6 Signs You Might Be A Quirky Modernist

Image from Domino

You dig human sculptures.

A mannequin head, a wooden hand, or anything featuring human anatomy - placed in an unexpected location - gets you excited.

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You're drawn to jewel tones.

The deeper + bolder the hue, the more suited it is for you. And you don't settle for just one. You fill your space with rich + layered accents.

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You're obsessed with weavings.

The shapes, irregularities, and bright colour combos are what draw you to these handcrafted wallhangings + make your heart skip a beat.


Your space must have character.

You can't stand the idea of living inside a bland box. You seek out spaces with interesting architectural details as your canvas.

Image from Glitter Guide

You decorate for you alone.

You realize that your home is YOUR happy place. It doesn't have to please anyone but you. So, you choose pieces that light you - and only you - up.

Image from Domino

You embrace bold patterns.

Bold prints? Bring it on! Nothing scares you. You're not afraid to layer boho-feeling prints, in offbeat colours to create a whymsical space.


Still not sure if you're a quirky modernist? Take our fun, visual quiz to find out!



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