6 Signs You Might Be A Rustic Modernist

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You love animal inspired decor.

You're drawn to mounted antlers, taxidermy, or decorative objects with a woodland vibe.

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You've got a thing for hides.

You prefer to let your wood floors take centre stage by opting for a smaller scale cow hide rug.

You need greenery in every room.

Bringing the outside in is imperative to pulling off this look, so you don't skimp on house plants.


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Your go-to palette is classic black, white + wood.

For you, each room begins with this classic colour combo, and when you do choose to accent, you do so with hits of red, blue, or green.

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You prefer weathered surfaces over polished finishes.

Be it rusted metal, peeling paint, or anything with a patina that highlights it's age, you're most drawn to pieces with a visible history.

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Your heart swoons over reclaimed wood.

You can't pass up an opportunity to work reclaimed wood into your design plan. You love its charming quirks + imperfections.


Still not sure if you're a rustic modernist? Take our fun, visual quiz to find out!



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