A Heartwarming Tale Of Lamp Love



A few months back, a long time client (and now friend), Laura, came to me with a special project. Her best friend, Jenny, was engaged to be married and her bridal shower was fast approaching. Unfortunately, a few months prior, Jenny's beloved Grandmother had passed away and would be terribly missed at Jenny's wedding.

While cleaning out her Grandmother's house, she spotted these ugly duckling lamps. Having seen all the work Mod Pieces has done for Laura, and feeling a sentimental attachment to them, Jenny selected them as one of the few items she would keep from her Grandmother's home. Figuring she'd get around to fixing them up at some point in the future, they were temporarily stored away.

In the meantime, while thinking about a thoughtful gift to give her friend, Laura teamed up with Jenny's Mom to secretly makeover the lamps and give them back to her as the ultimate surprise shower gift. 

When Laura brought these to me for a little TLC, I was honoured to be part of such a meaningful gesture. After all, turning ugly vintage lamps into one-of-a-kind statement pieces is kinda my thing.

So, Laura and I conspired to select just the right fabric for the shades to complement Jenny's decor. After opting for this modern, charcoal + cream ikat, it was clear that the bases would need an overhaul as well. They were swiftly rewired and received a fresh coat of cream enamel in a sleek matte finish. Even I have to admit that this was a pretty radical transformation! 

All of our effort and secrecy certainly paid off in the end. They were the hit of the shower and Jenny was so excited that we were able to transform these special pieces into stylish + functional works of art that she can cherish for years to come.

Thank you so much, Laura, for including me in this very special project!


Do you have some lamps that could use a little love? Dust those puppies off, get in touch, and let's talk transformation!



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