How To Decorate With Bright Yellow

Design Tip:

Yellow can be tricky and intense. I'm not a big fan of decorating "rules", but I will say that when working with such a strong colour, you may want to follow a few "guidelines".

Firstly, a little goes a long way. Take it from someone who painted the bedroom in her first apartment bright yellow... It gets old, quick! A little pop here & there will do the trick!

Secondly, I'd recommend that you begin with neutral walls (ideally light grey or greige) and then layer in some natural wood pieces (light to medium wood tones work best).

Lastly, and this one is more of a "what not to-do"... Consider the colour of your sofa/chair/bedding before committing to a bright yellow pillow. This hue won't pop against a beige sofa as well as it would against a grey, or colourful sofa (picture Bri Emery's bright turquoise sofa).


Shop the Look:

Tippetop Candle Holder from OYOY

Storage Basket from H&M Home

Glass Cabinet from Svenskt Tenn

Ferm Living Geometry Vase from Design Public

Whirlwind Pillow Cover from Mod Pieces

Catch Chair from Finnish Design Shop



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