How To Decorate With Bright Berry Tones


Design Tip:

A scheme like this, full of soft pinks, rich purples, and bright blues could easily read as juvenile, but that can be avoided with some clever solutions that will keep your space feeling mature, sophisticated, polished + fun.

  1. Choose modern, elegant + timeless furniture pieces. This chair does not say "I'm a little kid" it says "I'm a modern woman".
  2. Introduce exotic elements, like this Marrakech basket, to make the space feel more worldly. Adding high end finishes, like these gemstone magnets, ups the glam factor and keeps your room feeling like it belongs to an adult.
  3. Keep the look elegant, but not too stuffy or serious, by mixing in some fun patterns, like the prints on this pillow + geometric throw.

What do you think? Does this design concept open you up to the idea of introducing some bright, feminine hues into your decor in a super glam + grown up way?


Shop the Look:

Chair from ABC Carpet & Home

Basket from Shoppe by Amber Interiors

Gemstone Magnets from Leif

Kiss Cross Throw Pillow from Mod Pieces

Table from Finnish Design Shop

Throw from Domino



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