you crave more peace + pleasure

You long to dress up your pillows, upholstery, drapery, and lampshades with vivid colours and punchy patterns.

Mingling lively textiles, that consistently deliver slivers of joy to the home owner, is an art form.

You dream of having a unique-to-you, charismatic fabric scheme that greets you as you open your eyes in the morning - laying there still, indulging in just five more cozy minutes, and simply adoring your surroundings, while becoming more alert.

Who could blame you? What a delectable way to start the day.

And when you open your front door at night, your enticing space - popping with prints and vibrant hues - patiently awaits, to eagerly welcome you home.

As you sink into your sofa, abundant with pretty, patterned pillows, your nerves settle down for a nap.