You ain't scurred. Heck no, not you.

Rose gold flatware. Vintage mismatched stemware. Diamond-shaped ice cube trays. Over-the-top drapes. Lush Boucherouite Moroccan rugs. Artisanal floor tiles. Kelly green upholstery. Gleaming gold shelf brackets.

Considered intimidating by others, these bold items don’t scare you.

Hell, you bind your papers with a lucite stapler, and write your to-do list with metallic Bic's.

These sort of daring elements feed you, rather than frighten you.

Isn’t a stunning custom lamp from Mod Pieces the next obvious and intelligent addition to your home?

Consider the striking lamp that dresses up your living room as akin to the statement necklace that elevates your all-black ensemble - a simply smashing game-changer!