These bold schemes aren’t for the faint of heart

Having an inviting home is great, but not exceptional. What good is "inviting", if it doesn’t rev your engine, at least a little?

You’ve got a larger than life personality, and the idea of missing an opportunity to reflect that in your living space, strikes you as a total drag. And you're right.

Of course you desire a home that looks like it fell off the page of a magazine, but only if the elements fully embody YOUR standout style. It's how to achieve this, that eludes you.

Mod Pieces to the rescue!

We understand that packing a punch with your soft furnishings is essential to a room’s success.

Because the textiles you select for your living space have the same effect as the boldly printed scarf that takes your plain jeans and t-shirt ensemble to the next level - how simple, yet dramatic, a fix is that?