warning: gratifying side-effects included

The doorbell rings as you’re pouring a glass of wine. Your guests have arrived!

As heartfelt greetings are exchanged, your friend glances into your living room and spots your show-stopping new lamp, commanding her attention from atop your vintage credenza.

Unlike anything she’s ever seen, her eyes grow wide as she demands to know where on earth you found such an amazing piece.

You then enjoy the sinful, guilty pleasure of explaining to her that you didn’t FIND it, you had it MADE, just for you.

(In other words: “Na-na-na-na-boo-boo, you can’t have it!”)

As you turn back to the kitchen, a devilish smile creeps across your face as you relish the fact that you own something TRULY UNIQUE - something that never has, and never will, belong to anyone else on this planet.

Pretty delicious feeling, don't you think?