Why One Motivational Speaker Doesn't Make Wishes for Success

I always hear people say that they wish they can have this or they can have that. Although what they want can differ, the commonality is that they always use the word 'wish' in their statement, and usually with a sigh! As a motivational speaker, I firmly believe that if you want to achieve goals in life, you must be aware that there's a significant difference between making a committed decision and simply just making a wish. This is an extremely important concept that I point out during my motivational speeches. Wishes are weak and wimpy when compared to totally committed decisions.

If you just wish for something, like you wish you had more money or you wish you could be in better shape or you wish you could get rid of some bad habit, chances are you will probably not do much about it. Life won't really change all that much for you. How many times do we hear people say that they wished their lives were better? But do they actually do anything about it? Often they do not, by my observation. Their actions or lack of actions are not congruent with what they want for life success.

But if you make totally committed decisions especially on paper, it will be like making a written contract with yourself. Instead of just sitting there watching TV, you will make the time and put in the effort to make goals happen. It's really the start to having a completely different mindset as you take ownership of your goals. Those who simply wish for things do not take on such ownership.

Making committed decisions changes your mindset to take on the proper attitude that is required for being a peak performer who overcomes challenges in life. This attitude is free of negative thoughts and adopts the position that you will do whatever it takes to achieve something. The entire process of becoming successful starts with making a full commitment. This happens when you make committed decisions.

My friend Sue is a great example of somebody who experienced this. For years, she wished that she could become a dog trainer but didn't really do any specific actions that moved her closer towards this goal. Then one night, she realized that simply wishing for something was not going to turn her dream into reality. So instead, she made a committed decision to go after her dream.

This changed her mindset and motivated her to take the right actions. She enrolled in dog training courses and actively researched the dog training industry. After a year, she finally opened up her own dog training business. Today, she owns Canine Academy, a very successful dog training facility based near Toronto, Canada.

Sue is a real life example of success that materialized only after she stopped wishing for her dream to come true and instead, made a committed decision to go after it. This action changed her life. In fact, I think she should be a motivational speaker but then again, she is too busy training dogs. Her story is the type that I just love to talk and write about as a motivational speaker. One of the main messages for success from my book, The Life Champion In You, is to stop making wishes. I don't bother with wishes anymore. Instead, make committed decisions so that your dreams will come true as well.


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